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Result Published: Fall Semester 2016 of Pokhara University

Pokhara University published the fall semester 2016 of BE and Architecture result has been published officially university website., you can see the result click link below.


architecture-1st       architecture-2nd      architecture-3rd

architecture-4th         architecture-5th       architecture-6th

architecture-7th            architecture-8th

Civil Engineering 

be_civil_1st             be_civil_2nd         be_civil_3rd

be_civil_4th             be_civil_5th           be_civil_6th

Civil Engineering for Diploma Holders

be_civil-dh_1st       be_civil-dh_2nd       be_civil-dh_3rd

be_civil-dh_4th        be_civil-dh_5th        be_civil-dh_6th


Civil and Rural Engineering

be_civil-rural_1st      be_civil-rural_2nd      be_civil-rural_3rd

 be_civil-rural_4th     be_civil-rural_5th       be_civil-rural_6th


Computer Engineering

be_computer_1st      be_computer_2nd       be_computer_3rd

be_computer_4th     be_computer_5th        be_computer_6th

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

be_ele_elx_1st          be_ele_elx_2nd           be_ele_elx_3rd

be_ele_elx_4th         be_ele_elx_6th

( No results published for 5th Sem)

Electronics and Communication

be_elx_comm_1st      be_elx_comm_2nd       be_elx_comm_3rd

be_elx_comm_4th      be_elx_comm_6th

( No results published for 5th Sem)

Information Technology

beit_1st        beit_2nd       beit_3rd

beit_4th        beit_5th         beit_6th

Software Engineering

bese_1st      bese_2nd      bese_3rd

bese_4th      bese_5th       bese_6th


The application for re-totalling and re-checking of answer sheets must be received by the Office of the Controller of Examinations by 26th October, 2016 ( 5:00 pm). The application received after this deadline will not be acceptable.

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