Ncell launches Mazzako SMS Pack

Ncell, country’s leading mobile service provider, has launched the new offer named Mazzako SMS Pack, under which Ncell customers can send as many as 100 SMS in a day at price as low as Rs 3, excluding taxes.
Mazzako SMS Pack, coming into effect from June 17, aims at fulfilling growing communication need of the customers during the global football extravaganza and thereafter. Under the offer, Ncell customers can subscribe daily, weekly or monthly SMS pack at mere Rs 3, Rs 18 and Rs 54 respectively, excluding taxes, and shoot as many as 100 SMS every day to other Ncell numbers throughout the pack period. On exceeding 100 SMS a day, they would be charged as per normal rates.
The pack is available to Ncell prepaid and post-paid customers. Customers can subscribe the pack by dialing 17106 and following the instruction thereafter.
The customers can activate their preferred pack one-time and renew again. If they prefer, they can also take recurring pack straightaway. That would ensure they get the same pack automatically on expiry of the pack. 
Mazzako Daily SMS Pack is valid for a day and expires after 24 hours of activation, whereas Mazzako Weekly SMS pack is valid for 7 days and Mazzako Monthly Pack is valid for 30 days from the date of activation.
“FIFA World Cup is a popular football season and our customers live each and every moment of the game. Mazzako SMS packs will enable our customers to stay connected with each other and share their World Cup excitements at special rates,” said Sanju Koirala, corporate communication director of Ncell.
The offer is valid till September 16.
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Sony LCD, LED TV Offer in World Cup

Sony LCD, LED TV Offer in World Cup 2014 Valid up to 13th June, 2014.

Each TV, you can get free blue-ray home theatre, Blue ray Player, DVD player, Xperia Z Ultra and T-shirt on selected model on Bravia .

Details of with List:

More Details:
Sony Centre
Kantipath, Tel: 4250305
Jawalkhel Tel: 5526300
New Road Tel: 4243793
MinBhawan Tel: 4629699
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Pokhara University Fall Semester Exam Center


FALL    Semester , 2014


S.N Exam Center Name of the College Programs
1 Brixton College, Mahendranagar ,Kanchanpur (099-520499) Amity College, Mahendranagar , Kanchanpur BBA
Brixton College, Mahendranagar ,Kanchanpur BBA
2 National Academy of Science and Technology  (Dhangadi Engineering College ) , Dhangadi, Kailali  (091 523949,091-521312) National Academy of Science and Technology, Dhangadi, Kailali BE Computer
BE Civil
Nepal Western Management and Engineering College (Cresent Hotel Management College), Dhangadi Kailali BBA BI 
3 Alpine Management College, Nepaljung,Banke (081- 526877) Alpine Management College, Nepaljung,Banke BBA
College of Engineering and Management College,Nepaljung, Banke BE Civil
4 Victoriya International College, Ghorahi , Dang (082-563133) Victoriya International College, Dang BBA 
Rapti Engineering College BE Civil
5 Lumbini Engineering,Management and Science  College , Bhalwari, Rupandehi  (071- 561030) Brihaspati College BBA
Axis College BBA BI 
Kshitiz International College BBA BI
Siddartha College BBA BI
Crimson College of Technology BBA
B Pharm
6 Crimson College of Technology, Devinagar, Butwal,Repandehi , ( 071-540879, 071-546479) Lumbini Engineering College, Bhalbari, Rupandehi BE Computer
BE Elx & Comm
BE Civil
M Sc in Const Mgmt
Tilottama College BBA
Kshitiz International College BBA
Butwal Model College (Tulsi Mehar Memorial College) BBA
7 United Technical College, Bharatpur, Chitwan (056-526331,056-520915) Boston International College , Bharatpur,Chitwan BBA
Oxford College of Engineering & Management College BBA
Valley State College,Bharatpur, Chitwan BBA

8 Boston International College , Bharatpur,Chitwan (056-526203) Oxford College of Engineering & Management College BE Civil
BE Electrical & Electronics
United Technical College BE Civil
BE Electrical & Electronics
9 Pokhara Engineeering College, Phirke Pokhara , Kaski  (061-531209, 061- 532622) Pokhara College of Management BBA
Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College BBA 
La Grandee International College BBA
Gandaki College of Engineering & Science BE Software
10 Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College, Pokhara ,Kaski Pokhara Engineeering College M Sc in  Cons. Mgmt
BE Computer 
BE Elx& Comm
BE Civil
11 School of Business ,Pokhara University, Dhungepatan ,Khudi, Kaski (061-561647) School of Health & Allied Science M Pharm
B Pharm 
B Sc Nursing
School of Engineering BE Civil
BE Electrical & Electronics
School of Business BBA
School of Development & Social Engineering MPGD
12 Platinum Management College, Kalikasthan Dillibazar ,Kathmandu   (01-4418046) Ace Institute of Management EMBA
IACER College M Phil in English 
MA in English
Nepal College of Information Technology M Sc in Computer Science
M E  Computer
Nepal Engineering College M Sc in Cons Mgmt
M Sc in NRM
M Sc in IWRM
M Sc in  Transportation Eng. & Mgmt
Master of Interdisciplinary Water Resourse Management
National Open College MHCM 
SchEMS College M Sc in  Env. Mgmt
13 Nobel College, New Baneshwor,Sinamangal , Kathmandu (01-4110590) Ace Institute of Management BBA
Apex College BBA
SchEMS College BBA
Excel International College BBA
Rajdhani Model College,Baneshwor,Kathmandu BBA
14 Apex College, Baneshwor , Kathmandu (01-4478841, 01-4467923) Platinum Management College BBA
Camad College BBA
Nobel College BBA
Apollo International College BBA
Atlantic International College BBA
15 Sahid Ramnath Dahal Smiriti College,Banasthali Chowk, Balaju, kathmandu (01-4351095,01-436069) Apex College BBA BI 
Everest Engineering & Management College BBA BI
Atlantic International College BBA BI
Nobel College BBA BI
16 Citizen College. Satdobato,  Lalitpur (01-5545685) Nobel College B Pharm
Central Institute of Science & Technology ( CIST ) College B Pharm
Nepal College of Information Technology BBA
Cosmos College of Management & Technology  BBA
National Open College BBA
Ritz Hospitality Management College BBA
Norvic Business College (City College) ,Dhobhighat, Lalitpur BBA

17 Ace Institute of Management College ,New Baneshwor  , Kathmandu   (01-4110697,01-4110743, 01-449981) Nobel College BHCM 
National Open College BHCM 
Quest International College BHM
Ritz Hospitality Management College BHM
Uniglobe College BBA
Liberty College BBA
Medhavi College, Sankhamul, Kathmandu BBA

18 School of Environment Management & Science College,Devkota Sadak, Mid Baneshwor , Kathmandu  (01-4482475) Nobel College BCIS
Apex College BCIS
Malpi International College, Baluwater, Kathmandu BBA
Citizen College BBA
SAIM College BBA
19 Atlantic International College, Samakhusi, Kathmandu (01-4388647) Apollo International College BBA BI
Uniglobe College BBA BI
Excel International College BBA BI
Ace Institute of Management BBA BI
Sahid Ramnath Dahal Smiriti College BBA BI
Nobel College B Sc MLT
Modern  Technical College B Sc MLT
20 Uniglobe College , New Baneshwor, Kathmandu (01-4115690) Nobel College B Sc Nursing
B Sc in  Bio Chemistry
Universial Science College B Sc in  Bio Chemistry
SchEMS College B Sc  in Env. Mgmt
Camad College B DEVS.
Quest International College BBA
Suvashree Academy International College,Tinkune, Kathmandu BBA
Arthav Business College,Maharagjung, kathmandu BBA
21 Liberty College, Hanumansthan, Anamnagar, Kathmandu (01-4223612) V S Niketan College BBA
Sahid Ramnath Dahal Smiriti College BBA
Central College , Sinamangal, Kathmandu BBA
National Open College BPH
Central Institute of Science & Technology ( CIST ) College BPH
Nobel College BPH
22 Everest Engineering & Management College , Sitapaila , Kathmandu (01-4033115) Nepal College of Information Technology BE Computer
BE Elx & Comm
BE Software
Cosmos College of Management & Technology  BEIT
23 Ritz Hospitality Management College, Balkumari, Lalitpur (01-5538188) Nepal Engineering College BE Elx& Comm
BE Computer
BE Electrical & Electronics
Apex College BE CMP 

24 Nepal College of Information Technology ( NCIT ) Balkumari, Imadol, Lalitpur (01-5006356,01 5006360) Nepal Engineering College  Architecture
BE Civil
BE Civil & Rural
BE Civil  for Diploma Holder 
Cosmos College of Management & Technology  BE Civil
25 Nepal Engineering College (City office Mahalaxmithans, 01-5548585 ) Cosmos College of Management & Technology  BE Computer  
BE Elx & Comm
Everest Engineering & Management College BE Computer  
BE Elx & Comm
Nepal College of Information Technology BE Civil
Universial Science College BE Civil
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Project Manager @ Braindigit

The project manager plans, executes, and finalizes projects on time, on budget and within scope, following a methodology derived from Agile. He/She coordinates efforts of team members to deliver projects according to plan, resolves issues to ensure project goals and requirements are met. He/She documents the project's objectives and oversees the projects throughout their life cycle.
  • Plan, organize and manage resources to lead the completion of specific project goals. Establish clear directions and distribute task among cross functional teams.
  • Gather ideas, issues, and risks for the project; provide input for solutions.
  • Escalate project issues to Management with clarity, timeliness, and professionalism. 
  • Effectively develop and communicate statements of projects and project scope, tasks and expectations. Facilitate meetings and presentations across multiple settings including but not limited to: small/large groups, executives, stakeholders, peers.
  • Develop and sustain effective customer relationships.  Remain consistently accessible, available, and responsive to customers when needed.
  • Align processes, systems, management practices and other resources to ensure the projects meet or exceed goals established in project plans.
  • Evaluate projects and identify where change is needed. Determine what adjustments to make and how to implement them.
  • Recognize performance and contributions of group and establish trusting and open peer relationships.
  • Adhere to the Project Management methodology (derived from Agile) as defined by the company. 
  • Review current process and their implementation to identify areas of improvement through synergies.Direct process implementation across the environment, ensuring standardization. 
  • Master degree preferably in IT
  • Demonstrated ability in project resource planning, reporting, prioritization, and budgeting.
  • Experience leading projects and programs, preferably in a Software development company
  • Experience successfully managing multiple, major projects.
  • Experience developing IT Processes, delivery practices, educating business functions on effective Project Delivery Practices.
  • Demonstrated ability in coordinating teams from various workgroups, managing relationships with internal and external participants and encouraging cooperation from all parties.
  • Experience with developing information and conducting formal meetings.
  • Strategic and critical thinker
  • Strong communication and influential skills
  • Fluent in English.
How to Apply for this Job?
 Please send your CV and a letter of motivation before 10th July  2014 to
What We Offer
We offer an exciting, fun and friendly work environment along with several great benefits. At BRAINDIGIT, employees are encouraged to bring their innovative and creative ideas to work and to take up challenges. Everyone is given opportunities to learn and develop through knowledge sharing across the whole organization and a career growth plan that fits their ambition. If you want to join a committed and hard-working team and if you enjoy the energy of a startup environment, you'll thrive at BRAINDIGIT!
Our offices are located in Gyaneshwor and have parking space.
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Salary Range of Nepali civil servants perseonnels

Salary Range of Nepali civil servants personnel. recently Ministry of Financial publish during budget of 2071.which will be effective from July 15.

Beneficiaries     Salary (Rs)
President  -------->  109,410
Vice President   --------> 78,560
Prime Minister   -------->  56,200
Chief Justice   -------->  53,580
Speaker of the House -------->    48,950
Deputy prime minister  -------->   47,410
Supreme Court justice   -------->  44,330
Minister   --------> 44,330
Deputy Speaker  -------->   44,330
Chief of opposition  -------->   44,330
Chief Whips   --------> 44,330
State Minister   --------> 42,010
Head of Constitutional body -------->    42,010
NPC Vice-chairman   -------->  42,010
Assistant Minister   --------> 41,080
Parliamentarian   -------->  40,160
Chief Secretary     -------->39,700
Secretary   -------->  37,390
Joint Secretary   -------->  31,730
Under Secretary   --------> 27,610
Section Officer   -------->  24,900
Peon (first)   --------> -------->12,120
Chief of Army Staff   -------->   39,700
Lieutenant General   -------->  38,540
Major General   --------> 37,390
Brigadier General   --------> 33,259

Colonel   --------> 31,040
Lieutenant Colonel     -------->28,535
Boys   --------> 8,370
IGP (Nepal Police)   -------->  37,390
AIG     -------->37,390
DIG   -------->  32,340
SSP     -------->30,580
SP     -------->28,535
Recruit   --------> 11,800
IGP (APF)   -------->  37,390
AIG   --------> 37,390
DIG   --------> 32,340
SSP   --------> 30,580
SP     -------->28,535
Recruit   --------> 11,800
Secondary I (Teachers)   -------->  31,730
Secondary teachers II   -------->  27,610
Secondary teachers III   -------->  24,900
L Secondary I     -------->25, 890
L Secondary II   --------> 24,900
L Secondary III   -------->  19,370
Primary I   --------> 24,900
Primary II   --------> 19,370
Primary III   --------> 17,980
Primary IV   -------->  15,030
Primary V   --------> 14,020

 Source:Ministry of Finance
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