Ncell launches Mazzako SMS Pack

Ncell, country’s leading mobile service provider, has launched the new offer named Mazzako SMS Pack, under which Ncell customers can send as many as 100 SMS in a day at price as low as Rs 3, excluding taxes.
Mazzako SMS Pack, coming into effect from June 17, aims at fulfilling growing communication need of the customers during the global football extravaganza and thereafter. Under the offer, Ncell customers can subscribe daily, weekly or monthly SMS pack at mere Rs 3, Rs 18 and Rs 54 respectively, excluding taxes, and shoot as many as 100 SMS every day to other Ncell numbers throughout the pack period. On exceeding 100 SMS a day, they would be charged as per normal rates.
The pack is available to Ncell prepaid and post-paid customers. Customers can subscribe the pack by dialing 17106 and following the instruction thereafter.
The customers can activate their preferred pack one-time and renew again. If they prefer, they can also take recurring pack straightaway. That would ensure they get the same pack automatically on expiry of the pack. 
Mazzako Daily SMS Pack is valid for a day and expires after 24 hours of activation, whereas Mazzako Weekly SMS pack is valid for 7 days and Mazzako Monthly Pack is valid for 30 days from the date of activation.
“FIFA World Cup is a popular football season and our customers live each and every moment of the game. Mazzako SMS packs will enable our customers to stay connected with each other and share their World Cup excitements at special rates,” said Sanju Koirala, corporate communication director of Ncell.
The offer is valid till September 16.

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