Best 30 Under 30 In Enterprise Technology Person For 2016

Here is the list of Best 30 Under 30 In Enterprise Technology Person For 2016, which is published by Forbes .

  1. Dmitri Aksenov and Mikhail Naumov of DigitalGenius.
  2. Peter Bailis of Stanford University
  3. Matt Barba of Placester
  4. Stephanie Botelho of Fitzroy Toy
  5. B Byrne of Clef
  6. Jack Cator of Privax
  7. Scott Clark of SigOpt
  8. Colleen Costello and James Peterson of Vital Vio
  9. Ian Crosby of Bench
  10. Eric Duffy of Pathgather
  11. Andrew Flachner of RealScout
  12. Tarun Gangwani of IBM
  13. Claudio Guarnieri of the University of Toronto
  14. Michael Grinich and Christine Spang of Nylas
  15. Nicole Hu and Ahmad Wani of One Concern
  16. Husayn Kassai, Eamon Jubbawy and Ruhul Amin of Onfido
  17. Robert Lee of Dragos Security
  18. Nanxi Liu of Enplug
  19. Doug Safreno, Phillip Jones, Forrest Browning, Vivek Nair, and Rahul Mitra of Stacksware
  20. Matin Movassate, Dan Robinson and Ravi Parikh of Heap
  21. Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead of Improbable
  22. Maran Nelson of Clara Labs
  23. Stanislas Niox-Chateau of Doctolib
  24. Christian Owens of Paddle
  25. Tiago Paiva and Cristina Fonseca of TalkDesk
  26. Brian Rowen of Palantir
  27. Ilya Sachkov of Group-IB
  28. Ryan Smith and Zach Silverman of LeafLink
  29. Dan Teran of Managed by Q
  30. Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman of WayUp

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