Signs You're Stuck In A Dead-End Job

Forbes listed Signs You're Stuck In A Dead-End Job.

1. No change in routine.
2.Your skills are not being tapped.
3.No interest in knowing your goals.
4.They don't support your career plan.
5.Unfair treatment.
6.You're not challenged.
7.Your thoughts and opinions don't matter.
8.Your boss won't give you the time of day.
9.No change in pay, title, or responsibilities.
10.You lack motivation and enthusiasm.
11.Attempts to change or improve your job are not welcomed.
12.Your values and the firm's values are not aligned.
13.You're not an asset to your team.
14.Your company hires outside talent
15.Decision makers practice favoritism.
16.Your employer is sinking.
17.You're too comfortable.
18.Unfair pay.
19.A machine could do your job.
20. You get no recognition

Click here more and explanation with picture in forbes: Signs You're Stuck In A Dead-End Job.

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