SLC Result 2073

Are you going to see , SLC result in 2073, Here is the some mobile number(SMS) and website, where you can find your result.


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World's Biggest Buy and Sell Software Company: Microsoft and LinedIn


The software giant said Monday morning that it would acquire LinkedIn in a $26.2 billion cash deal. The acquisition, by far the largest in Microsoft’s history, unites two companies in different businesses: one a big maker of software tools, the other the largest business-oriented social networking site, with more than 400 million members globally.

LinkedIn had a long, multi-year run as the best-performing social network in the stock market. But over the past six months, despite still being a sizable business, shares have started to sink as Facebook (FB, Tech30) has soared.
LinkedIn (LNKD, Tech30) had $3 billion in revenue last year, up 35% from the year before. It has 433 million members worldwide, but its growth has been slowing.
Shares had plunged 42% this year, before the deal was announced. The big spark came in February when the company warned of disappointing revenue and profits ahead.
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Vote for top 10 startup companies in Nepal
















Eminence Ways Pvt. Ltd.

Eminence Ways is a professional security and audit advisory team, extending a comprehensive range of services to customers of various businesses. Eminence Ways focuses primarily on providing Information Security Solutions, which includes VAPT Solutions, IS Audit, IS Policy Formulation and IT Consultation with rich expertise in the area. Eminence Ways has earned experiences as well as reputation by working with lots of private as well as governmental organizations and helping them to secure their IT infrastructure and software/web application prior to disaster as a result of cyber-attack.
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Gurkha Technology Pvt. Ltd.

With the slogan “Conquering Ideas” and a battalion of elite coders, marketing experts and technology enthusiasts, Gurkha Technology represents a company that can cater to the increasing national and international global market of the IT industry. The service that they provide includes application and web development, advertising and marketing, creative and innovative design.
Gurkha Technology is a company that is eager to help businesses that are willing to leverage the power of technology to grow their business.
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i-Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

i-Tech Nepal is a complete hi-tech communication organization that is purely service oriented and geared to provide unique selling propositions to its valued clients.
The organization designs, innovates, integrates and maintains web & mobile applications that enhances enterprises to work out multifaceted and critical business problems.
Tantamount to this, we are also convinced of the fact that IT solutions go a long way in making business tasks easier to execute through an organized process.
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Kul Techno Lab and Research Center Pvt. Ltd.

Kul Techno Lab and Research Center is creating a global platform that will help every individual in this world to share their knowledge and experience with the use of technology. The fusion of technology and educational system shall create a platform that can teach each individual in the world and it shall be free.
Here in Kullabs, we are working on an entirely new system that will motivate learners and nurture their creativity to use it in their practical life. We will create a system that will facilitate active learning and discourage passive learning process.
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Mantra Ideas Pvt. Ltd.

Mantra Ideas Pvt. Ltd. is a registered company at Nepal under the Company Act, 2006 on Feb 20, 2013. We have been developing softwares, mobile apps and websites for national and international clients. Primarily focused on the mobile apps industry, we are working towards solving local problems with our products with potential global market. We have young, enthusiastic team working hard to make sure we deliver the best service.
We are currently working on health and education related products viz. LokSewa Nepal, Pathshala App and Hamro Doctor.
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Phunka Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Phunka Technologies is a startup company founded by computer engineering graduates with the objective to enhance and upgrade the educational system through technology. The company was established on June 2013 and we pride ourselves in becoming one of the very few agile companies in Nepal.
Our Expertise:
Web Development:­ Python, Django, Angularjs, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Mobile Development:­ Android
Big Data:­ Hadoop, Apache Spark
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Sasto Deal Pvt. Ltd.

Sasto Deal is one of Nepal’s biggest online shopping website. With internet users on the high rise, Nepal is moving towards a digital revolution. We find it enthralling to see shoppers from every nook and corner of Nepal placing their orders at Sasto Deal. Meanwhile, savvy business owners have found it exceedingly easy to feature their products on our website.
At absolutely zero marketing cost, businesses can reach millions of customers. That’s the power of ecommerce. And we find it exhilarating to be leading the industry.
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Smart Samaj Pvt. Ltd.

Be Smart, Book Smart : Best Place to book travel services in Nepal. offers a wide variety of airlines tickets and cheap flights, tour packages, trips, hotels, car rental and more. Travelers can choose their favourite destination and start planning long awaited vacation.
Nepflights is dedicated to making travel hassle-free. Nepflights tends to be best travel crisis management company as it provides best alternative to the travelers if the previous plan doesn’t go as intended.
With dedicated 24×7 customer support Nepflights is there for travelers, whenever and wherever.
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White Space Pvt. Ltd.

Threadpaints store is not an unheard name in Nepali ecommerce. Started by a group of 3 engineering students on the final year of their and originally a custom t-shirt store, with 3.5 years of ups and downs, learnings and pivots, today has a strong place in the modern ecommerce trend that has developed in Nepal in past 3 years. When the group initially started, they offered only one line of products- custom designed t-shirts.
With their different designs on socio cultural and contemporary issues, threadpaints soon became a loved brand for custom designed t-shirts in Nepal.
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Yellow Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Yellow Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (FawesomeApps) is a internet product company which specializes on building the consumer focussed products to cater the international markets along with the local users. We create highly polished tech solutions (especially mobile and web apps), and also know a thing or two about branding, websites, and user acquisition. We’ve believe in changing the world and we are doing so with the innovation, creativity and the passion we pour to our products and users.
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