NCell Scheme: Khusi Ko Bahar, Ncell Ko Upahar


Just dial 17100 for free and get free gifts.

The free gifts you get under “Khusi Ko Bahar, Ncell Ko Upahar” campaign will be valid till 12 AM within Ncell network. Get same gifts for free, everyday throughout the campaign period or till you deactivate the service.

To deactivate the service type ‘R’ and SMS to 17100. This campaign is valid till January 27, 2014.

1.    What is "Khusi ko Bahaar, Ncell ko Upahaar"?
Ncell brings lots of free gifts for its biggest and happiest family members to celebrate in this festive season. To participate in this campaign, just dial 17100 and get free gifts every day.

2.    To get mentioned daily free gifts items, how many times should I dial 17100?
You need to dial 17100 just once to get mentioned daily free gifts items.

3.    Is there any service charge?
No. It is absolutely free.

4.    What are the free gifts that one can get daily?
After you dial 17100, you can get one of the gifts from the following gifts items throughout the campaign period.
  • 3 MB Data
  • 100 MB Data
  • 300 MB Data
  • Rs 5 Bonus
  • Rs 10 Bonus
  • Rs 50 Bonus
  • Rs 200 Bonus
  • 5 mins Talktime
  • 10 mins Night Talktime
  • 10 SMS
  • 10 SMS + 10 MMS
  • 10 mins Night Talktime + 10 SMS + 10 MB Data

5.    Do I need to activate this service daily?
No. Once you dial 17100, you will be automatically eligible for your daily free gift throughout the campaign period. You don't need to activate this service daily.

6.    How long is my free gift valid?
After dialing 17100, the gift will be valid till 12pm daily and will be automatically renewed for the next day. You will get the same gifts for free every day throughout the campaign period.

7.    Can I get different gifts each day?
After you dial 17100, you get one of the gift from the above mentioned gifts items. Then, that same gift gets renewed daily throughout the campaign period.

8.    If I deactivate this service and participate again, then do I get a different free gift?
Even if you deactivate this service and participate again, you will get the same gift as you had received earlier.

9.    On which basis the gifts are assigned?
The gifts are assigned and distributed automatically through system.

10. Is the campaign open to all Ncell users?
Except the Data SIM users, the campaign is open to all the pre-paid and Pro plans of Ncell family.
In case you aren't a part of Ncell family yet, this is the perfect time for you to join us.

*Conditions apply.

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