How to connect Ncell Connect Wi-Fi Router?


Ncell Connect. Now with a wi-fi router.

The fastest internet in Nepal for your home, office or on the move.

What is Ncell Connect Wi-Fi Router?

It is a small, handy router used for accessing internet through Ncell’s mobile data network. You can use any device with the router: Laptops, desktops, tablets or mobile phones. The router can connect multiple devices to internet at the same time and is designed to be your primary home and office connection – but with higher flexibility than a fixed line connection.

To get started you insert your Ncell SIM in to the router, turn it on, and connect to it any of your laptops or mobile devices – you simply use the regular Wi-Fi applications on your devices to get connected - exactly as when you connect to any other Wi-Fi network.

Where does it work?

Wherever there is Ncell network - at your home, office, school, college or on the move. Surf the internet at 3G speed wherever Ncell has 3G coverage and through EDGE or GPRS wherever 3G is not available.

How many people can use it?

8 users can be connected simultaneously.

What type of devices can use it? 

Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPads can use it to browse internet.

What is the speed? 

Currently the device provides maximum speed which is supported by our network i.e. 3.6 Mbps. However, this device can support the speed of upto 21.6 Mbps. So in future, on upgrading our network, you don’t have to replace the device to get speed upto 21.6 Mbps

And it gets better…

The device is very small and light and can easily fit in your pocket. The weight of the device is only 75 grams. The working life time of the battery is 4 hours. Don’t worry about power cuts.

Where is it available?

It is available in Ncell Centres of Kathmandu and Pokhara.


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  1. How much price n then how too recharge this device 4g or 3g