Ncell confers Scholarships, Excellence Awards


Ncell on Monday handed over Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards to 16 topper engineering students of Electronics, Electrical and Communication, and Computerfaculties of Central Campus Pulchowk, Institute of Engineering (IOE), aiming to encourage academic excellence in engineering education.
Ncell scholarshipswere provided to twelve topper students of BE Electronics, Electrical and Communication, and Computer.Four other students graduating with highest scores from these faculties were conferred with Ncell Excellence Awards.
Sanju Koirala, corporate communications director of Ncell handed over the scholarships and awards, each carrying the purse of Rs 100,000 to the topper students.
Ncell handed over scholarships and excellence awards as a part of its corporate social responsibility initiative. The company has instituted Ncell Scholarship and Excellence Awards at Central Campus Pulchowk, IoEfor 5 years with an aim to support technological education and contribute to the development of skilled human resources.
“We believe Ncell Scholarships will free the best brains from financial burden, so that they could focus on academic excellence. Likewise, Ncell Excellence Awards recognizes and felicitates the academic talents,” Koirala said.
Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards were decided based on top annual scores of the students.
Scholarships were provided based on annual scores of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year and students received it for studying 2nd, 3rd and 4th year respectively. 12 scholarships receivers included 3 toppers from each Electricals, Electronics and Computer faculties and 1 female topper among all female students of these three faculties from each batch.
Ncell Excellence Awards, on the other hand,was given to the graduates passing out with top scores from each of these faculties and also to 1 female student graduating with top scores among all female students of these three faculties.
“This special category for female toppers aims at encouraging female education,” said Koirala.
Ncell has been supporting education, placing it at the top of its Corporate Social Responsibility priority since 2010. Under this, 14 girls of remote districts of Karnali and other rural districts, who got good grades among female students in SLC, but faced financial difficulties to continue further education, are currently pursuing higher education under Ncell Girls Scholarships. 
Likewise, Ncell has established 13 digital libraries to support digital education, and helped 43 community schools to build classrooms and facilities like toilets, drinking water and sports, among others. Together, these have benefitted over 25,000 students in rural Nepal. 
Ncell’s support to education so far stands over Rs 70 million

Source: NCELL

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