Ncell provides bonus to customers in Sunkoshi flood-hit areas

Ncell has provided bonus worth Rs 100 to the customers in Dolalghat, Barabise, Khadichaur, Sukute and LamoSangu that have been hit hard by water clogged in Sunkoshi River,so that they could make much-needed emergency communications without any hassle.
The bonus has been provided as a part of Ncell’s disaster response relief initiative. The initiative aims to enableNcell customers in disaster-hit areas to make emergency communications to rescue teams and family members. Such communications help to minimize loss and trauma, hence, are critical during disasters. 
“Our hearts are with families that are braving adverse impacts of this natural disaster in Sindhupalchowk. We understand their immediate communications need during this adverse situation. Hence, we have provided bonus of Rs 100 to the customers in the disaster-hit areas so that they could stay connected with family members and relief providers without worrying for recharge cards,” said Sanju Koirala.
Ncell customers can use the bonus to make calls to any Ncell numbers. The bonus is valid for a week.

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