Ncell: Plan your 2073 with Ncell Biz benefits


Enjoy complimentary data plans with monthly, half-yearly and yearly Biz subscriptions, available only for a limited period!
Monthly Biz Plans:
Biz Plan                      Tariff  Rate                             Benefits
Biz 299                         Rs. 299 /-                                100 MB data every month for 3 months
Biz 499                         Rs. 499 /-                                300 MB data  every month for 3 months
Biz 999                         Rs. 999 /-                               500 MB data  every month for 3 months 
Half-yearly Biz Plans:
Pay for 5 months to enjoy the services for 6 months!
Biz Plan                     Tariff Rate                               Benefits
Biz 299                        Rs. 1,495 /-                              300 MB  data every month for 6 months
Biz 499                       Rs. 2,495 /-                              500 MB  data every month for 6 months
Biz 999                        Rs. 4,995 /-                             1 GB data every month for 6 months 
Yearly Biz Plans:
Pay for 10 months to enjoy the service for 12 months!
Biz Plan                  Tariff Rate                                    Benefits
Biz 299                    Rs. 2,990 /-                                   300 MB data every month for 12 months
Biz 499                    Rs. 4,990 /-                                   500 MB data every month for 12 months
Biz 999                    Rs. 9,990 /-                                   1 GB data every month for 12 months 
Your data pack will recur on every 30 days from the date of activation.
Biz Plan Details
Monthly Tariff Plans Biz 299 Biz 499 Biz 999
Call all networks 75 minutes 350 minutes 550 minutes
Text all networks 25 SMS 50 SMS 150 SMS
Use internet 25 MB 50 MB 550 MB
Monthly fee (tax included) Rs. 299 Rs. 499 Rs.999
Unlimited CUG (UCUG) Free Free Free

You can subscribe to any Biz plan half a year or entire year, according to your preference.

*Monthly fee is the rental charge per SIM card, which should be paid at the first of every month based on the Nepali Calendar.
* These included packages expire on the first day of every Nepali month.
*Satellite networks not included.

Get uniform rates, hassle-free services and tailored communication solutions.
Make the most with Ncell Business.

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