MBA Exam Schedule 2014 of POKHARA UNIVERSITY


      Office of the Controller of Examinations
          End Examinations (Winter Term 2014)

Date Master of Business Administration (MBA Tri)
Course Title Trimester
16-May-14 Business Environment Analysis VI/VIII
17-May-14 -
18-May-14 Strategic Management VI/VIII
19-May-14 Economic Analysis for Business II

1) All the Examination starts from 7.00 a.m. The duration of Examinations shall be of 4 hours.
2)  If the examination of particular subject or course cannot be held due to unavoidable conditions, the examination of the particular date shall be held on the next day after the last date of examination. However, the prior notice about it shall be given.
3) For the practical exams, concerned college shall arrange on its own convenience.

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