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We are on a mission to build a platform to enable people to enjoy uninhibited freedom of expression.
This means people will be able to express whatever it comes to their mind spontaneously without worrying too much about the consequences.
We are an early stage start up. We have started with the android platform. We have validated the idea and now we plan to scale and speed up to achieve the product market fit.
Right now, we want to focus on the android platform. Therefore, we are looking for an android developer.
Why you should join 11Beep?
To work with super cool team. You will be working with an excellent design team (one of the best you can get in Nepal) , a super nerdy back end engineer and super passionate ( borderline delusional) hustler.
To work with an ambitious team. Our team has an international experience of start ups and also previously worked with global technology companies.
To learn a lot about lean start up, product design and development. When we say this we do not just talk about programming. A lot of work goes into to identify what goes into the product. You will learn a lot about translating ideas to a product through validated learning.
To enjoy the roller coaster ride of building a start up. To work on a product which will be scaled up for global audience. To work hard and rise up to earn equity and be a co founder. To earn a good compensation.
Why you should not join 11Beep?
If you like cubicles.
If you like certainty.
If you are scared of breaking things.
If you like to work only by taking orders. If you don’t like start ups.
Therefore, android developers who want to be a part of this start up journey, please contact me.
Please send me a short email at Please do not forget to include the links of your Andriod apps you have developed. or just call in my mobile. Here is my number: 977-9849958666. Others, who just want to say ‘hi’ can also send me an email or directly call me. P.s. If you want to know why 11Beep then please read this and what is significance of name and it’s logo please read this Cheers, Bimal Founder and CEO, 11beep

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