ADSL Installation Procedures (Right Or Wrong Way)

  • Disconnect your telephone line from distribution point inside your house
  • Connect it to the input of splitter
  • Connect DSL modem in the splitter interface marked 'modem' with R-J11 connecter
  • Connect your telephone set in the splitter interface marked 'phone'
  • The computers are connected with RJ 45 or USB interface to connect to the DSL Modem.
  • Then create the PPPoE Dial Up connection.
  • Because ADSL can be used for broadband access and involves a wide range of multimedia services, you are recommended use a computer with such configurations :

    • Shall be equipped with the 10M/100M Ethernet adapter or USB 1.1. or higher interface
    • Shall support the TCP/IP protocol.
    • CPU above Pentium III, 128 M memory, 10 G hard disk, graphic accelerating adapter with above 2 M displays memory, audio adapter and sound box.
    • Operating systems can be Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. For system configuration in the WEB interface, the browser of Internet Explorer V 6.0 or later.

  • If you need extensions, connect it after splitter only. (Important!)

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