Free Internet from NPJ to KTM and KTM to NPJ


if you have an advanced mobile set or a tablet or laptop with wireless connectivity, you can now be online as you travel to your destination in a public bus as well.

This has been made possible through free Wi-Fi internet service now available in the Kantipur Deluxe buses that travel on the Nepalgunj-Kathmandu-Nepalgunj route.

With this service, passengers can use all kinds of internet facilities inside the bus itself, said Govinda Poudel, Vice-president of Namaste Nepal that operates the bus.

We hope that the free internet service can help the passengers pass away the boredom of the 540 kilometers long journey from here to the capital or vice-versa, adds Poudel.

Namaste Nepal runs a total of 13 buses and free Wi-Fi will available in all of them.

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