Rudra Pandey and John Cassella of Deerwalk are on MYOB with Rick Brutti and Steve Swartz


Rudra Paney

Rudra Pandey and John Cassella join Rick Brutti and Steve Swartz on MYOB. Rudra founded Deerwalk, a big data healthcare company that specializes in converting data to information. Lately healthcare has been in the news a lot. Rudra says that the affordable care act, has actually been beneficial for his company, because the more people that are insured, the bigger the industry and the more work for them.

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Rudra has a unique background. He is from Nepal and went to school in Pakistan to study engineering. After college, Rudra went back to work in Nepal and eventually came to America to get his P.H.D in economics from Northeastern. He stayed in America to work for Bank of America to do Y2K consulting. In addition to Deerwalk, Rudra runs a few charities, and is also closely associated with Friends of Maiti Nepal ( in Boston that works to prevent human trafficking, which Rudra says is a big issues today. He has a strong drive and an entrepreneurial spirit, which he says comes from his desire to make money.
Rudra and John say that the three most important things in their industry, are to use the cloud, work with big data and to outsource. Sometimes outsourcing can seem intimidating, however in the long run it can help you save money. There are not enough engineers in America to do all of the work that needs to be done. In addition, the more you outsource the less space you will need, so you will save rent money there.
Deerwalk helps to form analytics to help physicians intervene and make better decisions. They can help doctors find gaps in care and ultimately offer better care and lower the number patients that need to stay in hospitals, thus saving money. One of the challenges, says Ruda is you have to be careful who you are exposing the data too. He works with a trusted team of engineers to make sure his data that is being analyzed is being formed into information that is passed along adequately.

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