Anniversary Discount Offers of NepalTelecom


On the Auspicious Occassion of 9th Anniversary, Nepal Telecom announces the following discounts on its services.

  1. PSTN Service

    225 Local Calls Free out of Minimum PSTN Monthly Charge (Rs. 200/-)
    Effective Date :- 2069-11-01 to 2070-01-31

  2. SMS Service

    50% Discount on Current SMS Charges for SMS sent from GSM & CDMA Services within NT's Network
    Effective Date :- 2069-10-22 to 2069-11-30

  3. Night Call Service (10PM to 06AM)

    Customers can enjoy NT's GSM & CDMA Night Call Service in just 30 paisa per minute
    Effective Date :- 2069-10-22 to 2069-11-30

  4. International Call using Access Code 1424

    1AustraliaRs. 7.75
    2UKRs. 4.00
    Effective Date :- 2069-10-22 to 2069-11-30

  5. WiMax Service

    10GB Bonus for WiMAX Corporate Clients on Data Package(32GB/ 48GB/ 60GB)
    valid til 2069-11-30

  6. All the above charges are exclusive of all applicable government taxes.
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