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If you’re interested in wed designing or even blogging, “Web Road Show at Prime College” is where you need to be. Starting from 12 noon, the three hour event is a joint partnership between BrainDigit and Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Nepal.

The event is free for all students who will learn about blogging and website development using SageFrame as a Content Management System (CMS) and Microsoft as a web development platform. While the BrainDigit team will be tutoring the students on using the SageFrame CMS based on Microsoft Platform, MIC Nepal will talk about its activities and initiatives and share other web technologies with the students.

The main highlight of the event will be learning to develop a website using SageFrame CMS within 15 minutes.

Hem Sagar Pokhrel, 22, one of the two Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) from Prime College, says, “Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are chosen on the basis of innovation, creativity and participation in social events. This is a worldwide program. Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Nepal chooses two students from every IT college each year. The MSPs are provided with available Microsoft resources for free, and they are the connecting link between IT students and the Microsoft Corporation.”

Ranjana Dangol, another Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) from Prime College, says, “Since a MSP is the bridge between Microsoft and the students, what we do is share the knowledge we have about Microsoft with other students. We tell them about the latest products and show them how to use it.”

Enrollment for “Web Camp”, a four day event by MIC Nepal, will also take place during the program. ‘Web Camp’ will teach students about HTML 5, CSS 3 and web developing among other things.

Publish  on REPUBLICA (Aug 5)
For more information on MIC Nepal, log onto www.nepal.micnetwork.org.

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